Slide Resources

4C has over 20 years of experience at developing slide resources to support pharmaceutical products, and yes, there are some of us who remember loading 35mm slides into a carousel before a meeting!

We take slide deck development very seriously, from choosing the colours and designing a customized slide template, to ensuring every slide is fully referenced and the slide notes provide all the necessary background information. Typically we will create a core slide deck which tells the story of your product and includes all the clinical data, but we are also able to develop specialized slide decks for a particular meeting or audience. This can include disease background, value propositions, speaker slide decks, nursing or allied healthcare professionals slide decks, slides for your top opinion leaders to use, or a slide deck to download from your website.

We know that slide development doesn’t start and end with PowerPoint and we use Prezi, Simpleshow and SlideShark when we think that is the best solution for our client. Our technical and design team will always make sure the slides look great, and animate beautifully.


You and your team have done a tremendous job, deeply impressed.
Sr. Director New Products